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Sembrando Vida, Ecoaldea and organic farm, Isla de la Piedra, Mexico


Ecoaldea Sembrando Vida

Cam. a Isla de la Piedra, 82043 Mazatlán, Sin.


Sacred geometry santuary at Ecoaldea Sembrando Vida ecovillage Mazatlan Mexico


Our lifestyle is based on the respect and preservation of nature and its different forms of life around us. We aim to have a light footprint on the earth, using the principles of permaculture, bio-construction, sacred geometry and alternative energies to design an integral and harmonious life with the environment.  

Beach at EcoAldea Sembrando Vida Mazatlan Mexico


A tranquil and natural environment between palm groves, mango orchard and a mangrove. We are located 400 meters from a pristine beach on the Pacific Ocean.

Tent camping at EcoAldea Sembrando Vida Mazatlan Mexico


Walk-in camping is included with all tickets (bring-your-own gear). Parking passes and camping upgrades are also available on the TICKETS page

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Path of Totality

Ecoaldea Sembrando Vida is in the path of totality for the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse. Mazatlán will have the longest duration of total eclipse  - lasting 4 minutes and 24 seconds, and the highest chance for clear skies. Making it the perfect location to view the 2024 solar eclipse. 

The partial eclipse will begin April 8 at 9:51AM and end at 12:32PM. The maximum eclipse will take place at 11:09AM. 

The venue property is for sale. This will NOT effect Portal Eclipse Festival. But may be of interest to you.

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